5 Gynecological Conditions and Its Treatment

5 Gynecological Conditions and Its Treatment


Gynecological diseases are common to women and almost every woman experiences some gynecological illnesses once during their lifetime. However, with proper medical assistance these diseases can be cured. Many gynecological diseases have a high recurrence rate and may have long-lasting effects on a woman's ability to have children.

In addition, they have been linked to infertility in women. Women who are more informed about prevalent gynecological illnesses are better able to take preventative measures and lessen the severity of their symptoms. To get help visit the best gynecologist hospital in Siliguri today. Just to make a note that delaying problems or total negligence might cause harm during pregnancy period.

PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease)

In women of childbearing age, PCOD is one of the most frequent hormonal reproductive problems. However, in situations of PCOD, the follicles formed do not mature into eggs, and when the ovaries continue to make follicles, it generates too many cysts.

The menstrual cycle emerges from deformed eggs, preventing them from being fertilized. Ovarian dysfunction causes an increase in the production of male hormones, which promotes rapid hair growth or causes rapid hair loss.

Ovarian Cysts

A cyst is a fluid or semi-solid mass that develops within an ovary and is surrounded by a thin wall. The corpus luteum is the site of another ovarian cyst associated with the menstrual cycle. After an egg is discharged from a follicle, a specialized region of tissue known as the corpus luteum develops in the ovary.

The corpus luteum typically breaks down and vanishes if the woman doesn't become pregnant. Still, the same might collect fluid or blood and persist as an ovarian cyst. Usually, cysts are most likely going away on their own.


Vaginitis is a vaginal disease that is a typical condition that causes release, tingling, distress, and torment. Vaginitis can happen previously or after pubertybecause of ill-advised cleanliness practices. In some cases, diminished estrogen levels can cause skin problems including Vaginitis.


Endometriosis is a typical gynecological condition wherein the endometrium is available beyond the uterus like in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina, peritoneum, or digestive tract. This can make it challenging to become pregnant.

This is generally normal for ladies between the ages of 25 and 40. However, the reason for endometriosis is obscure, for that, you can visit the best hospital in Siliguri.

Primary Dysmenorrhea

When a woman is menstruating, she may have discomfort in her lower abdomen or back. It is a common gynecological issue, although few women seek treatment for it. The intensity of the pain might vary widely.

The discomfort begins two to three days before your period starts, on the first day or the day after. Symptoms usually lessen with time and, in some cases, completely disappear following a woman's first pregnancy.

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