Does Low Sperm Count Affect Your Pregnancy?

Does Low Sperm Count Affect Your Pregnancy


Couples who face difficulties in conceiving or other fertility issues can visit doctors or specialists who offer fertility treatments like IVF or ICSI. The best hospital in Siliguri offers fertility treatment and across the world carries out fertility treatments by extracting the sperm and egg, fertilizing and incubating it in a lab, and then placing it in the uterus for successful embryo formation. However, specialists who carry out IVF explain that sperm quality plays a crucial role in the success of an IVF treatment.

Does Sperm Quality Affect Pregnancy?

Sperm quality is determined by three factors- sperm count, sperm motility, and the morphology of the sperm. An ejaculation with a minimum of 39 million sperm is universally considered as good sperm health. However, whether men with low sperm count can impregnate their partners is a completely subjective issue and depends much upon the sperm health rather than the count. 

How Does Sperm Quality Affect The Success Of IVF?

Sperms with low motility do not affect the success of IVF, as in this fertility treatment sperms do not have to travel to the egg rather they are fertilized with the egg in a lab, However, the health of the sperm does affect IVF, and the future pregnancy. A good, healthy, and normal sperm helps in the quick success of IVF. On the other hand, an abnormal sperm with poor DNA quality or genetic problems can delay the success of an IVF.

An abnormally shaped sperm can take longer to fuse and fertilize an egg thus delaying pregnancy. However, if the sperm count is too low then it highly affects the chances of pregnancy and would require multiple attempts by the couple to conceive. Alternatively, they may have to resort to fertility treatments and adopt an artificial procedure to conceive.

Can Abnormal Sperm Lead To Successful Pregnancy?

Successful pregnancies do happen with abnormal sperm but the chances of natural conception are low. Only fertility treatments like IVF in Siliguri require undergoing a test of a man's semen and sperm quality which may indicate any abnormalities in the sperm. Too many abnormalities in the sperm reflect poor sperm count and motility.

How Does Sperm Quality Affect Embryo Quality?

While pregnancy is possible with abnormal sperm, the concern is how it impacts the health of the embryo and the subsequent baby. It is often observed that some abnormalities of the male semen may be genetically passed to the baby affecting the embryo and the baby's health.

Pregnancy involves the unison of the egg and sperm, both of which need to be healthy and of good quality for the success and growth of the embryo. The quality and count of sperm play a pivotal role in deciding the fate of the IVF success and the future pregnancy. 

Maintaining good sperm health through lifestyle changes and a healthy regime can go a long way in increasing the chances of conception and the dream of having a healthy family life.

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