Can Endometriosis Affect Your Fertility And Pregnancy?

Can Endometriosis Affect Your Fertility And Pregnancy?


As per WHO, endometriosis affects about 190 million women and girls of reproductive age worldwide. Endometriosis is a chronic disorder in women leading to intense pain in the pelvic area. The risk of pregnancy and delivery concerns and fertility complications increases with untreated endometriosis. 

Women can still get pregnant with proper management of endometriosis. You might consult our top IVF doctors at the Roys Clinic & Multispeciality Hospital which is considered as the best hospital in Siliguri for dedicated and comprehensive healthcare. Fertility concerns are often common complications of endometriosis. Since pelvic pain is the most frequent sign of this female reproductive health disorder. 

What is endometriosis?

By definition, endometriosis is when the similar tissue that lines the inside of the uterus (womb) grows outside the uterus, such as fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder, intestines, rectum, etc. Adhesions or bands of fibers may result from untreated endometriosis and affect neighboring tissues, which can result in scarring. Consult Our gynecologist (OB-GYN) at the Roys multispecialty hospital in Siliguri. 

Inflammation in the reproductive organs caused by endometriosis interferes with hormones essential for pregnancy. Watch for signs and symptoms like painful periods, heavy menstrual bleeding between or during periods, painful sex, diarrhea, bloating, constipation during menstrual cycles, painful bowel movements, trouble conceiving, and painful urination. These are the common symptoms or discomfort that result from endometriosis. 

Endometriosis associated with pregnancy and fertility issues

Make sure you consult a gynaecologist, and your doctor will suggest diagnostic procedures and treatments if required. While the exact cause of endometriosis is not clear, factors like disease are retrograde menstruation, menopause at an older age, low body mass index, menstruation at an early age, family history of endometriosis in first-degree relatives, never giving birth, higher levels of estrogen hormones in the body can increase the risk. 

Impaired fertility in women is a basic complication of untreated or undiagnosed endometriosis. If the ovaries don’t release eggs, pregnancy is not attainable. The egg has to travel through the fallopian tube so that it gets fertilized by sperm and attaches itself to the uterine wall to develop. 

Based on data, about one-third of one-half of women with endometriosis experience infertility or trouble conceiving. By blocking the fallopian tube, damaging the egg, and resulting in tissue scarring, endometriosis prevents conception. You should visit our clinic in Siliguri, providing well-rounded advanced gynecology and fertility treatment. 

With unmanaged endometriosis, pregnancy complications are not uncommon. Endometriosis symptoms may worsen during pregnancy since the uterus expands to keep the growing fetus. This disorder can put one at risk of miscarriage, premature birth, placenta previa, etc. Reach out to our expert for all-encompassing medical help. Make sure to consult our obstetrician and gynaecologist if you have had a previous miscarriage or preterm birth. 

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