Cardiology is mainly a medical branch that treats patients with heart and circulatory system problems/disorders. At Roy's Clinic & Multispecialty Hospital, patients can get treatment from the best cardiologist department in Siliguri. We provide treatment from the best doctors who hold years of experience in handling patients and help to cure heart issues with advanced technologies. Get the best recommendations from our cardiologists if you are suffering any of the symptoms like shortness of breath, high blood pressure, etc.

A few of the common cardiac surgeries are:

Cardiac Catheterization: Cardiac Catheterization helps you to treat coronary disease and congenital cardiac. During this process, a small tube checks the functioning of your heart and takes pictures for the doctor's examination.

Electrophysiology: It's a branch of cardiology that detects abnormality during heart behaviors. The procedure helps a doctor to understand the patient's causes for heart issues and whether the patient needs a pacemaker or not.

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