General surgery is a type of medical branch that offers or focuses on surgery done in the alimentary canal and many abdominal contents including the stomach, large intestine, liver, small intestine, gallbladder, pancreas, and more. The medical professionals who conduct general surgery are known as general surgeons. General surgeons are highly skilled and typically operate on abdominal complaints such as gallbladder surgeries, intestinal issues, etc.
General Surgery

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A few of the General Surgery types are as follows:

Laparoscopic surgery: Laparoscopic surgery is performed using minimal access techniques, with the use of small cameras and instruments, which are inserted within 3-15 mm incisions. General surgeons are expected to be trained and proficient in laparoscopic procedures.

Endocrine Surgery: General surgeons are trained professionals who perform the removal of parathyroid glands and thyroid from the neck and adrenal glands located above the kidney inside the abdomen. In most communities' general surgeons are the only medical specialists trained to perform this surgery.

Our General Surgeon department is undoubtedly the best one in Siliguri which offers facilities through well-expertise doctors. We provide professional doctors who are well-trained to handle traumatic circumstances and remain available for consultations as well. Our management team makes sure that the patient's operation is completed successfully and is fully hassle-free.

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