Gynae Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is done using tiny cameras, surgical instruments, and small tubes. It's a form of surgery performed through more than one small incision. Gynae laparoscopic is considered an alternative to open surgery. In general, minimally invasive surgery generates less pain, fewer complications, and shorter stays at hospitals. Roy's Clinic & Multispecialty Hospital gets a 4K Vision OLED advanced laparoscopic surgery unit which is the first in the region.
Gynae Laparoscopic Surgery

Treatments we provide

Few Gynae Laparoscopic Surgery treatments:

Hysteroscopy Surgery: The Hysteroscopy surgery technique doesn’t require incisions and provides recovery in a minimal period.

Advance Laparoscopic Technology: Advance laparoscopic technology provides effective treatment results to patients who take comparatively short recovery periods, less discomfort, and short hospital stays.

Robotic Surgery: Robotic surgery allows the surgeon to work with precision & accuracy while lessening the trauma with surrounding tissues. This treatment has the same scope and advantages as advanced laparoscopy.

We provide the best surgeons and treatment facilities at Roy's Clinic & Multispecialty Hospital. All doctors hold immense experience in their designated fields and take utmost care while performing the surgeries. At Roy’s Clinic & Multispecialty Hospital, our doctors address the patients and their families with all queries so, that the patients can undergo a hassle-free treatment.

Gynae Laparoscopic Surgery Doctors

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