High-Risk Pregnancy is a type of medical condition that might be present before pregnancy. In some cases, the high risk pregnancy stage occurs during pregnancy, because of the baby or the pregnant woman. Many factors such as lifestyle choices, maternity health problems, advanced maternal age, etc. can contribute to the growth of high risk pregnancies. We provide the best services with our expert doctors and high-quality technological facility. Our experienced medical team and doctors provide proper treatment to all suffering patients.
High Risk Pregnancy

Some factors that lead to high-risk pregnancy:

Advance maternal age: Pregnancy is risky for women older than 35 years or above.

Maternity health issues: Factors such as high blood pressure, thyroid diseases, epilepsy, asthma problems, obesity, and more are some contributing reasons for High-Risk Pregnancy.

Multiple Pregnancy: Multiple pregnancies or women carrying more than one fetus can be at High Risk for women's pregnancy.

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