Neuro surgery is a medical specialty that concerns the treatment of diseases & disorders in the Spinal cord, Spinal column, and brain. The medical branch includes both pediatric and adult patients. The Neuro surgery department of Roy's Clinic & Multispecialty Hospital provides the best treatment to its patients.
Neuro Surgery

Few common Neurosurgery Procedures:

Anterior cervical discectomy: It is a Neurosurgery procedure that mostly treats the herniated disc situated in the neck. The main goal of the surgery is to provide pain relief by removing the herniated disc. This procedure is recommended by neurosurgeons when the pain is incurable through non-surgical treatments.

Epilepsy neurosurgery: Epilepsy Neurosurgery treatment is for those patients who are suffering from epilepsy. The treatment is recommended for those having an epileptic seizure and didn’t found any relief from non-surgical treatments.

We have well-trained and highly expert Neurosurgeons to perform critical Neuro surgeries. Our doctors can handle all types of patients with utmost care and delicacy. Here, at Roy's Clinic & Multispecialty Hospital, we provide the best Neurosurgeons and the most advanced treatment facility in Siliguri.

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