Oncology is a study in the field of cancer. An oncologist is a cancer specialist or a doctor who provides medical treatments to patients diagnosed with cancer. There are mainly three types of oncology those are medical, surgical, and radiation oncology. The Roy's Clinic & Multispecialty Hospital provides well equipped oncology department with the best oncologist for the best treatment of the patients.

Medical Oncology

Under this type of treatment, Oncologists mainly treat cancer with the help of medical facilities like chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy.

Radiation Oncology

Under this treatment radiation therapy is used to treat cancer, which helps in destroying cancer cells and tries to prevent the patient from cancer.

Surgical Oncology

Under this type of treatment, the oncologist tries to cure cancer through surgery, which helps in removing the tumor and other nearby tissues. This surgeon also performs biopsies to diagnose cancer.

Our expert Oncologists provides all types of treatments and medical facilities to patients. We have an expertise oncologist's team to diagnose and treat cancer patients with utmost care. At Roy's Clinic & Multispecialty Hospital, we provide affordable cancer treatments to all patients.

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