Orthopedics is a kind of medical branch that offers special treatment to patients having musculoskeletal system issues or problems. The medical branch includes treatments of ligaments, muscles, joints, and bones. At Roy's Clinic & Multispecialty Hospital, the orthopedics department provides the best-in-class facilities to cure orthopedic problems. Our doctors are professionals in their relevant field and hold years of experience.

A few of the orthopedic surgery are as follows:

Joint Replacement: Under this type of surgery the damaged knee gets replaced by prosthesis and an artificial knee is placed made of plastic or metal.

Arthroscopic Surgery: In such type of surgery, the doctor performs a few incisions for fixing the joint issues of a patient. Under this process, arthroscopic surgery is done after inserting a long and thin camera called an arthroscope into a patient’s joint.

Apart from the above-mentioned surgeries few other types of surgeries orthopedics offers are internal fixing, osteatomy, spinal fusion, etc.

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