For any patients, experiencing discomfort and pain due to spinal condition, under this situation, spine surgeries are the best option to get relief from such pain. But, before having surgery it is recommended for all patients to take suggestions from a well-experienced orthopedic surgeon. The patients must also know the other treatment options rather than surgery.
Spine Surgery

Treatments we provide:

Discectomy: Under the procedure, the surgeon removes the herniated disc which presses the spinal cord or nerves. It is a decompressive kind of surgery.

Laminectomy or Laminotomy: This surgery is also a kind of decompression. It provides an opening in the spinal cord and nerve to perform complete relief compression for those structures.

We, at Roy's Clinic & Multispecialty Hospital, offer the best spine surgeons and spine surgery treatments with completely modernized technologies. Our experienced orthopedic surgeons are a team of experts and professionals and take utmost care while operating on every patient. Roy's Clinic concentrates to provide ideal treatments for the people of North Bengal and its surroundings.

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